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Vasey RSL Care's ‘Hero’s Wish' program is a Team Innovation finalist in the 2018 HESTA Aged Care Awards


Bringing their vision of ‘Serving Those Who Served’ to life, Vasey RSL Care developed ‘Hero’s Wish,’ a program that helps fulfil the dreams of their war veteran and ex-service residents. 


The idea was born in 2015 after Vasey RSL Care raised enough money to help a number of residents achieve their dream of paying respect to their fallen companions at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Canberra.

Recognising the positive impact this had on the wellbeing and morale of those who attended, the initiative was formalised into the ‘Hero’s Wish’ program.

“Hero's Wish is a program to honour war widows and veterans by fulfilling their dreams.”

“Hero's Wish is a program to honour war widows and veterans by fulfilling their dreams and adding to their treasured memories,” says Vasey RSL Care's Janna Voloshin.

So far, Hero’s Wish has helped dozens of people realise their wishes and through further funding and donations, Vasey RSL Care hopes to build on the program’s success and help even more people live out their dreams.

The HESTA Award nomination could help shine a light on the program’s work.

 “It is an honour to be a finalist,” Janna says. “I am very proud of the work that our organisation does, and our commitment to providing the best possible life for those in our care – having acknowledgement from the aged care industry is cream on the top!

“There are many rewarding parts of our work. Our organisation has a particular focus on the ex-service community – people who have served our country in the armed forces, and those who have lost their spouse to war or service, our war widows and widowers. We are committed to serving those who have served, and doing all we can to ensure they live their lives with meaning and purpose.

“Hero’s Wish goes beyond everyday needs and asks what they dream of? Having their dreams and wishes fulfilled means so much to them, as I have been lucky enough to see for myself, being present for a number of the wishes. This is so rewarding.”  

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