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After 20 years working in aged care nursing, HESTA member Julianna was ready to retire when she turned 60.

She contacted HESTA for some advice about how to get the most out of her super in retirement and spoke with Superannuation Adviser Daniel who explained the benefits of setting up an income stream account.

Julianna took up the advice and loves receiving a regular income while her super balance stays invested.

“Before setting up my HESTA Income Stream account, we were whittling away the interest on our savings.”


“Before setting up my income stream account, we were whittling away the interest on our savings,” Julianna says.

“It didn’t feel right. But now I’m having a great time with it. It’s given us freedom and a regular income.”

She had such a positive experience with Daniel that her wife Alison decided to become a HESTA member after receiving advice on her personal situation.

“I suppose I was quite sceptical or nervous in the beginning, but Daniel was very easy to talk to,” Julianna says.

“I had a list of questions and he would answer in a way I could easily understand.”


Daniel Callahan, Super Adviser at HESTA 

Daniel Callaghan, HESTA Superannuation Adviser


Two years into her retirement, Julianna can’t remember how she ever fit work into her life.

The property she shares with Alison in country New South Wales keeps them both physically fit and mentally active.

“We’ve got five chooks, two dogs, a vegie patch and a swimming pool on five acres,” Alison says.

“It’s never-ending mowing!”

When they’re not working on the land, Julianna and Alison love shopping for pieces to add to their growing Royal Doulton Christmas collection. They’re also looking forward to a river cruise across Europe.

But their focus is making the most of the life they’ve built together at home.

“Life’s really short,” Alison says.

“We’re certainly not old, we’ve got plenty of oomph left in us, but we want to make the best of what we have and really enjoy ourselves.

“We’ve made our home into our own resort. Julianna’s a fabulous cook, we muck around here, and we love it.”

Julianna agrees, joking that she wants for nothing other than a shiny red tractor.

“Our income stream account with HESTA has simplified our finances and given us great peace of mind with a regular income.”

“I wouldn’t say we have 100% health, and we’re not on the rich list, but we’re very happy. And I think if you’re happy, you’re rich.”



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