meet leanne smart


Leanne is a finalist for Individual Distinction in the 2018 HESTA Aged Care Awards.

This award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to aged care in Australia over time, through development or provision of high quality care to ageing Australians.

Identifying a lack of support for patients with cognitive impairments like delirium and dementia, Leanne implemented a range of assessments designed to improve patient care. Delirium is a state where people experience illusions, incoherence or an altered state of mind and is often misunderstood or misdiagnosed.


Determined to improve patient outcomes, Leanne developed a number of practical tools for nurses to easily record and identify if a patient is presenting with symptoms. These include a delirium alert sheet and sticker, updated hospital delirium guidelines and education sessions for staff on delirium management.


Leanne says if she wins she'll use the $10,000 prize money - provided by proud Awards sponsor ME - to develop a hospital wide behaviour chart.


"There is limited research specific to the acute care sector that relates to behaviour assessment, and such a toll has the potential to impact on patient care long into the future."


Leanne’s work has ensured that nursing staff are empowered to care for people with delirium and feel confident in providing the level of care required.

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