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Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond has been named a finalist in the 2018 HESTA Australian Nursing & Midwifery Awards.


Supporting women wherever they choose to give birth, the team of private midwives at Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond were granted the first hospital admitting rights in NSW by Westmead Hospital after advocating for the right to continue caring for their clients who may require or choose to give birth in hospital.


This partnership means that regardless of their individual risks and needs, the clients of Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond can receive full continuity of care regardless of whether they need, or seek to give birth in hospital.


In the past, women who engaged private midwives weren’t able to experience the same level of continuity of care, as a hospital admission meant all clinical care had to be provided by the hospital.


The team at Midwives @ Sydney and Beyond celebrate, encourage and support physiological birthing, ensuring women and their families feel safe, informed and in control, and have access to intervention when required. This partnership means they can continue to support and care for their clients in their home or in hospital. 

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