stomal therapy at bolton clarke


Focused on solutions that elevate the patient experience, the stoma care nursing team at Bolton Clarke developed an Australian-first information resource, designed to help patients manage their stoma after undergoing surgery.


The specialised Stomal Therapy Team at Bolton Clarke is made up of specialised stomal nurses who provide assessment, coordination, liaison,
education and clinical expertise in stoma care. The team identified that there was very little information available to patients to manage their stomas when they leave hospital care and so they sought to fill this gap.


Collaborating with the Australian Stomal Therapy Nurses Association, the team developed a print and online information resource designed for stoma patients to help them manage and care for their stoma.


The information booklet is available in English and five other languages to help promote confidence, information and health for people
adjusting to living with a stoma. This unique resource ensures that specialised information is available to all people living with a stoma, and its format allows for similar resources to be replicated across Australia.

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