planning for the future


Terry’s profession calls for high standards, and he expects the same from his super fund.


As an Executive Chef at an acute care private hospital, Terry needs to plan well into the future to keep the food service department running smoothly. “I manage ordering, suppliers, product research and plan menus. I also need to make sure all aspects follow our food safety plan and that we have enough staff on any given day,” says Terry.


“We run exactly the same as a normal restaurant, but given the vulnerability of our clients, we need to have much higher standards.”



For Terry, a member-focused fund like HESTA was an appropriate choice for his super. “I have a hospitality background, but when I started working at the hospital, I rolled over all my other funds (of which there were a few!) into HESTA because I found the service and track record to be far better,” says Terry.


“At HESTA I feel like I’m being treated like a member should be.”


Focused on the future

Though retirement – and being able to spend as much time he likes at the gym - is still a while away, Terry has taken an active interest in how his super is tracking. “No one knows the future and that’s what super is for, so I’m trying to cover myself by paying attention to my balance and investments through my online account,” says Terry.


“Even though we are currently experiencing the coronavirus crisis, I really believe we are all in this together. World economies will all take a hit, we will probably go backwards over the next year, but super is meant as a long-term investment and things should improve immensely in a few years.


“Understanding my super gives me peace of mind. Even though markets can go up and down, in the long term I’m looking forward to results that will help me to enjoy the retirement I’ve earned ,” says Terry.”

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