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The Youth Involvement Council (YIC) is a finalist in the 2018 HESTA Community Sector Awards.

YIC is recognised for their range of youth programs focused on improving education and life skill pathways and services for local young people who are experiencing or vulnerable to homelessness.

YIC is the primary youth organisation delivering programs to South Hedland youth. They have a ‘Mingle Mob’ that picks up children at night and takes them to a safe place. YIC’s Social Enterprise Scheme allows young adults to learn skills in hospitality, working towards job readiness. 

There is also the Deadly Hearts program specifically designed for children under the age of 10 that may find it hard to access support services. The YIC staff realised there was a gap that
needed to be filled to support this age group, which is considered at risk and vulnerable.

YIC offers youth in the community a free drop-in service and is focused on providing healthy meals, positive mentors and opportunities, and promoting health and safety, all while having fun in a regional area that can be isolated for young people.

All local youth are welcome to attend the YIC headquarters with their families and caregivers, and other community members are also encouraged to get involved.

YIC CEO Vicki-Tree Stephens said working in a mining town in the desert has a unique set of circumstances.

"We can feel quite isolated at times. We advocate for those who feel they do not have a voice. We keep each other strong"

"We are just so excited to be acknowledged at a national level for the work we do way up in the corner of the mid-west"

Winners of the 2018 HESTA Community Sector Awards will share in a $30,000 prize pool courtesy of ME - the bank for you.



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