small changes for better outcomes


David Logan is a Member Education Manager in Victoria.


David has had extensive experience in financial services. After studying accounting and commerce at university, he went on to become a paraplanner, then a financial planner until finding his passion in member education at HESTA.


“I really enjoy engaging with our members,” says David. “I love that penny-drop moment when a member gets it. Super can be a confusing topic that can take members some time to understand. I also really love injecting a bit of humour into my conversations and presentations.”

“I love that penny-drop moment when a member gets it."


Little actions for big results

For David, helping HESTA members to make small changes for better long-term outcomes is what drives him. “A simple action like contributing an extra $20 a week into super can make a massive difference once a member stops work,” says David. “If super is explained in a way that it is understood, members are more connected and more likely to take an action, like contributing extra.”


David understands the value of taking the time to understand the unique needs of busy HESTA members. “I can remember meeting a young HESTA member who worked in an aged care facility. She mentioned to me that she knew she had many super accounts but it wasn’t a priority for her to consolidate these,” says David. “I explained that I could help her to combine her accounts, but she was too busy at the time.


“A few hours later, as I was about to leave the facility, I approached her once more in the hope she may have a spare minute. She did. I helped her register to view her online account and from there we could see that she had six different super funds.  I talked her through the implications and showed her how she could combine them,” says David.


“Being able to help a member like that, especially at a young age when she can benefit from many years of competitive fees and costs and strong investment returns in one place, really makes my job worthwhile,” says David. She was so grateful for the assistance and will hopefully be more engaged with her super in the future.


“Our members are amazing at caring for patients and residents and many don’t give super a second thought. I’m happy to be the person that gets them thinking about super, ensuring a positive impact on their future financial wellbeing,” says David.

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