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Daniel Callaghan is a Superannuation Adviser in Queensland.


Daniel has worked in finance for most of his life, but it wasn’t until returning from overseas 10 years ago that he wanted a career where he could have a direct positive impact on peoples’ lives. “I wanted to make a meaningful difference to the lives of ordinary people,” says Daniel.

“Providing superannuation advice merged my desire for more professional significance with the education and skills that I had gained working within the finance industry during the prior decade.”


Finding meaning

To end up working at a member focused fund like HESTA has felt like the ultimate achievement,” says Daniel. “My work is extremely fulfilling. I get to spend time working together with HESTA members and their families to plan for generally positive outcomes – like a comfortable retirement."

HESTA Superannuation Adviser Daniel Callaghan

Daniel Callaghan, HESTA Superannuation Adviser


“A lot of our members are scared of the unknown, like whether they’ll have enough super, when they might be able to retire and understanding Centrelink. These unknowns can lead to inaction and negative outcomes,” says Daniel. “By demystifying and providing a road map to navigate these complex issues, I empower HESTA members to take control of their financial situation and work towards their retirement goals.”


The good news stories

A good day’s work for Daniel is when he’s able to help a member achieve their dream. 

“A member I met with recently had grown up in the UK, moved to Australia and didn’t know much about superannuation. She was confused over what to do with a significant inheritance. Adding to her stress was her partner’s health battle and wanting to make the most of the time they had left together.

Taking the time to meet with this member and really understand how she was feeling, enabled me to provide the personalised superannuation advice she needed. Being told that I was the reason for the weight being lifted off her shoulders was extremely satisfying.”

Daniel finds that over 90% of HESTA members underestimate the position they are in for retirement and that their goals are much closer than they realise.

"Being able to say the words ‘Yes, you can retire tomorrow if you want’ is something that never gets old."


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