top tips for a great start to the new year


Helping your super grow is easier than you think. Start the new year off well with some simple ways to set yourself up for success.



1. Plan for the future

Our Future Planner tool helps take away the mystery around your financial future. See how much money you're projected to have in retirement and your options for growing your super.

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2.    Make additional contributions

Making extra contributions to your super is an excellent way to help your financial future. There are two ways to do this: before-tax contributions (AKA salary sacrificing, where you choose a regular amount of your income to be paid to your super account rather than your bank account) and after-tax contributions. Small, regular contributions (even just $20 a week) can make a big difference to your nest egg.

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3.    Talk to a HESTA Super Specialist

Want to have a personalised, 1:1 chat about your super? Maybe you want some advice on your long-term investment strategy? We can help you with that. In fact, it’s what we love to do. Super advice is included for all members at no additional cost.

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