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Even though retirement is still far away for Amy, she’s actively engaged in making good choices now for her future self.


When Amy entered the workforce in the mid-2000s super was something that was already integral to Australian working culture. “I love that as a young woman, I had an investment portfolio being managed for me through my super, as I navigated my first job. I loved that my involvement in this didn't have to be large, straight off the bat. After all, the world of investment is a daunting thing!” says Amy.

These days, Amy works in medical imaging where she looks at functional issues with the body. “My work is a little-known branch of medical imaging, with 'nuclear' in the title so patients are often in a state of high anxiety when they see me. Patients can be in the department for an hour or more, so I work hard to make this section of healthcare feel safe.”


A safe and secure future

Like many healthcare professionals, making people feel safe and secure is of utmost importance to Amy. It’s no surprise then that being actively involved in her super is also a high priority for her.

“I have made contributions that attracted the government co-contribution. I currently salary sacrifice extra into my super and I changed my investment to Sustainable Growth within my first two years of having a HESTA account,” says Amy.

“I'm excited to have control over my life when I retire. I don't want my retirement to be determined by money stress, I want it to be full of things I want to explore and enjoy!” says Amy.

"I'm excited to have control over my life when I retire. I don't want my retirement to be determined by money stress."


Why Amy chose HESTA

Amy has been with HESTA for many years. “HESTA is an industry super fund with a long history in healthcare, they're visible in the community, and I have stayed with them because of the great work HESTA does in advocacy.

“I've always found HESTA easy to deal with, I'm happy with their transparency, and I love reading the HESTA newsletter.”

For Amy, retirement is still a long way off. When she’s not working she spends her time involved in amateur theatre. “I find so much joy in creating beautiful productions from months of hard work, making connections with people on and off the stage, and in the audience and wider community. I've written, directed, performed, been a committee member and set builder,” says Amy.


Advice for other young women

As someone who’s got a clear vision of what a secure retirement looks like, Amy is an advocate for other young women to plan ahead. “Get involved early, watch for government co-contribution schemes, think about boosting your super before childbearing years if that's something you're planning and make sure you watch that balance grow for your future. Nobody wants to be without choice upon reaching the end of your working life.”



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