HESTA Impact

HESTA Impact is about creating positive returns and positive outcomes for the planet and society through investing with purpose, advocating with influence, and leading by example.

what is HESTA Impact?

At HESTA, we invest in and for the people who make our world better. We think and act holistically about how to achieve strong investment returns while contributing to a healthier planet and society. We do this to make a real difference to our members’ financial future, and to the world into which they’ll retire. Real impact is achieved by aligning three areas of work: investing with purpose, advocating with influence and leading by example.

We invest with purpose

Investing for long-term performance requires a long-term perspective on how investments improve the planet and society. Superannuation is a lifetime strategy. HESTA invests for the whole journey.

Investing with purpose


We advocate with influence

By raising our voice to influence opinion, policy and culture, we’re keeping our promise to be a gutsy advocate driving meaningful change for generations to come.

Advocating with influence


We lead by example

We are proud to be a first mover and set a standard that generates social change and protects our environment.

Leading by example




this is how we do it


Creating long-term value for our members is the reason HESTA exists. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our compass, we’re delivering long-term value for our members, our community and our planet.

We do this by making meaningful contributions towards seven strategic areas of impact.

HESTA Impact and UN SDGs



Change your super, change the future

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