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Companies that respect basic rights, promote job security, freedom from discrimination and provide fair and equal wages may perform better over the long-term.



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Insecure and precarious work can have detrimental consequences including lower consumer confidence, reduced long-term productivity growth, rising social security costs and reduced tax revenues. These present risks to sustained economic growth and investment portfolio performance.

Female dominated sectors are disproportionately effected by casual and precarious work, which is particularly important for HESTA members — 80% of whom are women.

Provision of decent jobs, equal opportunity and employee engagement can increase company productivity and innovation, contributing to strong long-term company value and economic prosperity.




how we do this



Through our active ownership program, HESTA encourages Australian companies to provide more secure jobs with appropriate working conditions and rights, including promoting employee physical and mental safety and wellbeing.

Modern slavery statement

HESTA is a reporting entity under the Australian Federal Government Modern Slavery Act 2018. Our Modern Slavery Statements outline HESTA’s approach to assessing and addressing modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chain.

  • FY 2023 Modern Slavery Statement (pdf)

  • FY 2022 Modern Slavery Statement (pdf)

  • FY 2021 Modern Slavery Statement (pdf)

  • FY 2020 Modern Slavery Statement (pdf)





    case study




    Workplace culture in the Australian mining sector

    HESTA completed an engagement series with Australian mining companies about workplace culture. Unaddressed workplace harassment can create legal and financial risks, and significantly damage a company’s social licence to operate, which can impact the value of our investment and, therefore, the returns we generate for members.

    We are pleased to present to you our report that provides key insights into the engagement series. 


    Workplace harassment in the Australian mining sector >






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    Facing the future with confidence

    We use our deep understanding of our members to design information, tools and support to make a meaningful impact on their confidence about the future.

    Facing the future with confidence >



    Gutsy advocate for a fair and healthy community

    We use our collective voice to help address inequities impacting our members and those we see falling behind.

    Advocating for change >



    Investment excellence with impact

    We use our expertise and influence to deliver strong long-term returns while accelerating our contribution to a more sustainable world.

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