what we stand for

We're dedicated to people in health & community services. We speak up for others. And, we're committed to creating better futures for our members, women and in fact, all Australians.

towards zero emissions

We’re proud to announce our commitment to remove all investment in carbon emissions by 2050

We act for reconciliation

HESTA was the first Industry Super Fund to adopt a Reconciliation Action Plan.

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We support financial inclusion

Our Financial Inclusion Action Plan aims to improve Australia's financial resilience.

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Responsible Investment is key

We're leading the way because we recognise the impact we can make on investments and broader society.

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We know super

HESTA has earned some of the super industry's highest recognition.

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we report in

Check out our latest Annual Report. Or, see how far we've come by viewing some from the past.

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We work for sustainability

We're committed to reducing our environmental impact today for a better tomorrow.

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