climate change report


At HESTA, we are driving powerful change.

We’ve let our actions do the talking to establish ourselves as an industry leader in climate action.

HESTA was the first major super fund to commit to net zero by 2050, implement restrictions on investment in thermal coal, and be certified as carbon neutral for business operations.

But there is more progress to be made.

To help guide our commitments, we have developed our climate change action plan, which outlines our strategy to:

  • achieve a 33% reduction in portfolio carbon emissions by 2030
  • achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • pursue opportunities and mitigate risks as we transition to a low carbon portfolio.

And continue our unwavering commitment to achieve strong, long-term investment performance.


“This is an exciting piece of work that reaffirms our ongoing commitment to leadership in responsible investment. It can help protect and enhance the long-term performance of our members’ investments, while driving meaningful change and contributing to a healthier planet and society.”

Debby Blakey, HESTA CEO

Collaborating for global change

We recognise we’re at the beginning of a large transition in the way we live, work, travel and generate energy.

At HESTA, we have the scale and the expertise to connect capital and ideas that will drive solutions now and into the future.

Decarbonising the world is a huge effort, and it’s not something we can achieve on our own.

Through active ownership, we can work with companies with whom we invest to help ensure they are well positioned for a low carbon future.

We also leverage our voting and advocacy with other asset owners to amplify our voice and environmental outcomes. 




read our first climate report

You can read more about the development of our Climate Change Transition Plan in HESTA’s first climate report: 'Our path to net zero' using the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

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