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If you’re an organisation that employs supported workers, we congratulate you for giving people with a disability the opportunity to show their passion, commitment and abilities in the workplace.


We share that same passion and commitment by empowering your supported workers — providing info, advice, flexibility and choice.


We’re here to help you in just three easy steps.


If your supported workers don’t have a TFN, give them a hand by explaining to the individual, or their carer, how to get one. If HESTA doesn’t have their TFN, they may miss out on important benefits like the government co-contribution, or being able to make additional contributions to boost their super.

Worse still, they could end up paying the highest marginal tax rate.

They can apply for a TFN at

Supported workers don’t always have a lot of super, making it even more important to protect the little they’ve saved for their retirement. Insurance fees are deducted from super so it’s worth considering whether insurance is appropriate for them.

We’ve made it easy for supported workers to cancel or reduce their insurance cover by creating a dedicated insurance alteration form.

Download a copy in forms & brochures.

We love sharing our expertise through education and advice — it’s all part of the service. We can help you inform, inspire and advise supported workers to make the best possible decision for their futures.

From workplace sessions, through to one-on-one advice, our national team can give you practical, professional help on all things super.

Find out more about advice with HESTA.



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