is it time to check in with your insurance?


Having insurance through your super account can help ensure you and your family are covered if the worst happens.

One of the great things about having your super with HESTA is that eligible members automatically receive default insurance when they turn 25 years’ old and have more than $6,000 in their account – as long as their account is not inactive.

Why review your insurance?

As you move through life’s stages, you may find that your need for insurance changes - so it’s worthwhile considering if the cover you receive automatically (if you’re eligible) is sufficient. Perhaps you’ve bought a house (so you may have debt) or maybe you’ve had children?

Because of large and long-term debt such as a mortgage or car payments or the need to provide for children or other financial dependants, some members choose to increase the amount of cover they have over and above the default level.


Watch HESTA Super Adviser Anne Dalton explain what you need to know about insurance

What is default insurance?

At HESTA, eligible members automatically receive two units of Income Protection Cover and two units of Death Cover. You can choose to change your level of cover at any time. Find out more about your cover options.

You don’t need to wait until you’re aged 25 to get insurance

You can do what’s right for you! Sometimes younger members with financial obligations that won’t stop just because they’re sick or injured, choose to apply for cover (and pay the premiums from their super). Simply log in to your online account to apply.


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Need insurance advice?

We have expert advisers ready to talk to you over the phone or in person to help you assess your insurance needs.