switching to HESTA from an SMSF


Having switched to HESTA from a self-managed super fund, Ivan is enjoying a comfortable life in retirement. Find out why Ivan made the switch.


Creating a comfortable retirement

After a successful career working as a group finance director, then as a tax agent and certified practising accountant, Ivan retired at age 55 and set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to manage his retirement savings. 

“I used my financial experience to run my SMSF for around 20 years, but over time I found I didn’t have time to do that and care for my wife who sadly passed away three years ago. 

"Also it was no longer economic to manage my own investments and I wanted to pay lower fees with an industry fund.”


Making the decision to switch

Ivan switched from his SMSF in 2020. After looking at some other funds, Ivan decided to entrust his retirement savings to HESTA.

Ivan likes HESTA’s long-term investment approach which mirrors his own values, as well as the fund’s investment profiles, flexibility, and competitively priced products and services.


Control, flexibility, security

Along with the peace of mind that comes with his super invested by HESTA’s team of experts, Ivan has freedom to choose where his money is invested.

Like Ivan, all HESTA members have access to a super health check, retirement planning, investment learning, and investment choice.

“I was impressed by HESTA’s strong, competitively priced services. The other good thing is that I can easily change my investment choice.”

Enjoying life, living each moment

Ivan believes the key to enjoying the future is living every moment. 

“I’m still healthy, I have a new partner and we have enough savings to live comfortably,” Ivan says.

“With HESTA’s help in managing my super, I can enjoy life with my family, travel, and playing golf.” 


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