how to get more joy from retirement

After a lifetime of working, retirement is the time to enjoy yourself. How will you spend it?
Get in the best shape of your life
Improving your fitness can make retirement better in almost every way. Join a yoga or Pilates class, a walking group or try aqua aerobics. You’ll have more energy, a healthier body and a happier mindset.
Keep up with technology
You didn’t grow up in the connected world of the millennial generation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with advances in technology. By actively choosing to learn and understand the world of Android or Apple, you’ll gain a world of freedom. Whether that’s ditching printed maps or shopping online, you’ll have an increased ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world.
Declutter Marie Kondo style
Do you have kitchen drawers full of utensils you don’t use? A pastel polyester pant suit in your wardrobe you last wore in 1973? Why not do a retirement clean and organise, simplify and declutter your house? In the style of decluttering guru Marie Kondo, ditch the items that hold the least emotional attachment and only hold on to things that ‘spark joy’!
Start an encore career
Retiring is often a great opportunity to start a new, totally unrelated career. If you spent your working life doing shift work at a hospital, looking after other people’s children or sitting at a desk, it's the time to mix it up. Assist at a florist, drive a school bus, intern at an e-commerce company à la Robert De Niro in the movie ‘The Intern’.
Job website has a retiree specific search function. You could also use your expertise or passion to take on pro-bono work. You could even make a difference in a not-for profit organisation.

If you spent your working life doing shift work at a hospital, looking after other people’s children or sitting at a desk, it's time to mix it up.


Make friends of all ages

Make a commitment to connect to people from a range of age groups. Spend time with your children, or your children’s friends. Chat to your neighbours. Talk to people in your yoga or aerobics class. Join a community group. In the process of exploring something different, you’ll be keeping yourself younger and more interesting.



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