the long haul


HESTA member Raj has his eyes on the future when it comes to super.


In the last few months, Raj hasn’t logged into his online account to check his super balance. “I am invested for the long haul and know that everything will be alright, you just have to give it time.”


Raj has been a HESTA member since 2004. He is the manager of a community program within a regional health service. In his role he provides support services to unpaid carers who look after family members or friends with disability, a medical condition, mental illness, or someone who is frail due to age.



An interest in super

If Raj could talk to his younger self about super, he would pass on the wise words of Albert Einstein. “Einstein called compounding the eighth wonder of the world… and I couldn’t agree more,” says Raj. “Compounding is magic, if you take an interest and think long term it’s something you can really benefit from.”


Raj has taken a keen interest in his super, which helps him manage his financial goals. “I love to check on the fund’s performance every few months, see how my portfolio is tracking and how the fund is evolving. It makes me happy and satisfied to see that I am on the right track,” says Raj.


“I do intend to log in again one day soon and revisit my investment options, but there is no way I am withdrawing even a cent from my super. I can appreciate that some people may need to, and it’s great that they thankfully can, but I’m really lucky that I am OK at the moment.”

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