a tobacco-free future


HESTA is helping to lead a global push by some of the world’s largest investors to end tobacco financing, pledging to support tobacco-free finance at the UN General Assembly.


We’re among 85 founding signatories to the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, representing more than $6 trillion in assets under management.

“HESTA is proud to help lead this global movement to end the financing of tobacco,” HESTA CEO Debby Blakey says.


“By being among the first large global investors to stand up for tobacco-free finance, we want to encourage others to help stop investing or financing an industry that’s a leading cause of death and disease globally.”

Signatories pledge to be part of the solution to ensure a tobacco-free world, raise awareness of the issue and encourage the transition away from financing or investing in tobacco companies.

HESTA was among the first Australian super funds to implement a portfolio-wide tobacco exclusion.

More than half of Australia’s super funds (by FUM) still invest in tobacco.


You’re a change maker

Just by being with HESTA, you’re supporting a healthier future for generations to come (on top of building a brighter future for yourself). From the next generation, thank you.

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