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With the cost of living continuing to challenge many of us, are you keen to make more of your money? Here are our top tips for making your dollars go further.

Take a closer look at your expenses

This doesn’t mean stop enjoying the things that make life fun. It might mean finding cheaper alternatives. Are you paying more than you need to for energy, internet, subscription TV or gym memberships you barely use?

The first step is to work out what your current expenses are, and decide which ones are fixed or flexible.

You can start crunching the numbers with these handy tools from Moneysmart:

Also, look out for free budgeting apps that can help you understand your spending habits and set savings goals.

Find your flex

Finding new ways to reduce any flexible expenses can help you manage your cashflow in the short term.

Banks are often more flexible than you might think in helping customers facing a tough time.

Utilities providers, including energy and water, could also offer flexible payment plans or ‘bill smoothing’ (where you can pay in smaller instalments).

Dip into cash savings

Are you an excellent saver when your budget permits? Congrats on thinking ahead. You might be facing one of those rainy days you’ve planned for, when your savings really need to be used.

Keep track of how much you’re withdrawing so you can repay your savings when the cash starts flowing more freely.

Pick up extra/part-time work

Many industries across Australia are facing staff shortages. If you have the time, you could take advantage of the vacancies by picking up some extra shifts at your existing job, starting a new side hustle like pet-sitting, or setting up some freelance work if you have a specialised skill set.

Sell unwanted items

Has your great aunt’s dining room setting been sitting in your garage for years? Got some items in your wardrobe that haven’t been worn, but still have the tags attached?

Your trash could be someone else’s treasure. You can sell items at little or no cost to you through online platforms.

Buy preloved or delay your spending

Equally, someone else’s preloved goods could be just what you’re looking for – and often at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Plus, there’s the environmental good karma of contributing to a greener planet.

You could also think about holding off on a big purchase if you can get a little more life out of what you already have.

Look for freebies

Save on entertainment costs by taking advantage of free events near you. Check your local council website to see what’s coming up, or use social media to find exhibitions, tours, classes and more.



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