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Cooling off

Where your account is opened by your employer, you do not have any cooling off rights. A 14-day cooling-off period applies to all employers who apply to become a participating employer.

Employers can exercise their cooling off rights by notifying us by mail or email. If cooling-off rights are exercised, we will transfer your money to a complying fund nominated by your employer within one month.

The amount we transfer may be less than the amount invested due to investment performance, fees or taxes. Where you have applied to join, you have a 14-day cooling-off period in which to decide if HESTA Corporate Super is right for you. The cooling-off period commences at the end of the fifth day after membership begins.

During this cooling-off period you can cancel your membership by writing to, or emailing us. You won’t have to pay any fees or costs, but your payment amount may be adjusted for any increase or decrease in investment value and any tax paid. If your initial payment was a preserved or restricted non-preserved amount it can’t be refunded to you, but must be transferred to another complying super fund of your choice.



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