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We know there's a lot to consider when choosing who to have your super with.


Perhaps it's competitive fees and costs you're after? Or maybe it's solid long-term performance?

How about both?

One way to figure out how well your fund is performing is to look at the 'net benefit'.


What is net benefit?

The net benefit is your investment earnings, after any fees, costs and taxes have been taken out. It shows what returns you've earned on your super - and it's calculated based on historical returns.


HESTA has again won the SuperRatings Net Benefit award  – which recognises HESTA as the super fund with the best net benefit outcomes delivered to members. The net benefit is your investment earnings, after any fees, costs and taxes have been taken out – in the long run, it’s the net benefit that really matters.*




HESTA was also awarded the SuperRatings’ 15-year platinum performance rating – the highest rating possible over 15 years.*



The benefit's all yours

There are a few factors which contribute to the fees a fund charges and its long-term net returns. Two of the most important are how the fund invests and what the fund invests in.


At HESTA we want the best possible financial outcome for our members. We invest actively to get the greatest returns we can for you.


We invest across shares, property, infrastructure, bonds and cash. And we use our size to lower costs and structure investments in the most effective and efficient way.


Administration fees and costs are what we charge to keep the fund running and - importantly for you - growing. But we keep them as competitive as we can.




* Visit SuperRatings for important information about this rating. Product ratings are only one factor to be considered when making a decision.



you could save thousands more

Yes, you read that right. Over the past 15 years HESTA members earned thousands more than the average retail fund.*

* Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. See more information about ratings here



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