top tips for a great start to the new year


The new year is a great time to check in on your super – after all, it may be your biggest asset. Here are some easy things you can do to help it grow.



1.    Register for an online account

The easiest way to watch your super grow is by having an online account with HESTA. You can check your balance, top up and manage your super online 24/7.

Register for an online account


2.    Combine

If you’ve worked more than one job in your life, chances are you’ll have more than one super account, and that may not be in your best interests. Multiple super accounts cost multiple sets of fees. One way to improve your super balance is by combining multiple accounts.

Find out more about combining multiple accounts


3.    Check your payslip

The super guarantee (SG) is now 11%* of an employee’s ordinary time earnings. This is the minimum super that employers must pay their employees#. Check your next payslip to ensure your employer is paying you the correct amount. If it doesn’t look right, speak to your payroll department.

The minimum legislated Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contribution is 11% and will rise by 0.5% each year on 1 July until it reaches and stays at 12% from 1 July 2025 onwards. 

# This applies to employees earning more than $450 dollars per month.



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