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Want to change how often you’re paid?

The choice is yours. You have the power to make changes to your payment options, all through your online account. You can choose to receive your payments:

  • quarterly
  • half yearly
  • annually, or
  • choose a more frequent monthly or fortnightly payment.

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Want to review your TTR strategy

Reviewing your current TTR strategy ensures that it continues to be as tax-efficient as possible while still suiting your circumstances.

Resetting your TTR strategy is called a ‘TTR reboot’. This means closing your HESTA TTR Income Stream and combining it with your super account to start a new TTR Income Stream with a bigger balance. A bigger balance increases your minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts. But be careful, some income streams opened before 1 January 2015 have grandfathered Centrelink benefits. So, speak to a financial adviser if you are unsure.

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Is your next chapter about to start?

Let's write it together. Find out more about a HESTA Retirement Income Stream.

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