Shirl’s story: from confusion to relief


Crisis housing professional and HESTA member Shirl, 61, recently started a Transition to Retirement (TTR) Income Stream account. See how it’s helped her financial future.


Let's start at the beginning

“I reckon I was 54 when I attended a HESTA seminar in Blackburn. It was on transitioning to retirement. I wasn’t ready to retire but I was interested to know how the process worked. I trusted the brand, so I went along to the seminar and from there made a booking to meet with a HESTA super adviser. At that meeting we realised I’d been making before AND after-tax contributions!”

“So we stopped the after-tax contributions, upped my before-tax (salary sacrifice) contributions, which put me down a pay bracket and I ended up paying less tax and more in my super – win, win!”


Fast forward

“After the pandemic settled down, I went to another transition to retirement session. By this stage I was 61 and wanting to know more. It was here I met Sharon from HESTA, who I instantly clicked with. She explained that she couldn’t offer me financial advice there and then, but introduced me to Superannuation Adviser, Pooja.

“My partner and I met with Pooja where she went through every aspect of my super. We realised that my nominated beneficiaries were way out of date, so we updated them straight away.

“We also talked about winding back work and setting up a TTR Income Stream account, and how it would help me in the short and long term.

“After our meeting with Pooja, she sent me a lot of information to read. I wrote down questions so I could go back to her. She answered them in 24 hours (in writing and over the phone).

“I talked it over with my partner and it made sense to her too. So I signed on the dotted line. It took no time to organise.

“After I increased my salary sacrifice amounts, we set up a TTR Income Stream which tops up the shortfall. So essentially, I’m still earning the same money, just putting more into my super, and paying less tax.”

I was quite anxious with how it was going to go, but it was fine. I can’t believe how smooth it was, the whole process.


You can't get better than that

“Sharon and Pooja were absolutely wonderful, amazing consultants. I’ve even referred my friend to them. You can’t get better than that!”



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