contribute to your super

Your employer contributes a minimum of 10.5% to your super, but these contributions alone may not be enough to give you a healthy super balance in retirement. A little extra now can go a long way tomorrow.

boost now, thank yourself later


What you contribute today can add up to a whole lot more in retirement. Your extra contributions could benefit from compounding, which is investment returns earned on your investment returns.*

There are a few ways you can boost your super with extra super contributions, and you can make extra contributions to your super at any time.


The two main ways you can contribute to your super




Before-tax super contributions

Ask your employer to set up salary sacrifice directly from your before-tax pay or salary.

Main benefits:

  • Pay less tax (the 15% contributions tax in super might be lower than your marginal tax rate)
  • Your extra contribution is deducted from your pay through your employer 
  • Reduce your taxable income 
  • Grow your super through extra contributions and compounding (investment returns earned on your investment returns). 


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After-tax super contributions

Set up one-off or recurring payments into your super via BPAY® or direct debit from your bank account.

Main benefits:

  • You may be eligible for a $500 super co-contribution from the government (depending on your total income) 
  • You can set up one-off or recurring contributions via BPAY or direct debit at any time
  • Grow your super through extra contributions and compounding (investment returns earned on your investment returns).


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see the difference an extra $20 a week into super can make

Regular contributions of $20 (or less!) could make a real difference to super balance in years come. Every little bit you put into your super now is invested and, over time, can really grow your savings.



contributions calculator

Grow your super with extra contributions. Work out whether to make contributions before or after tax—or a mix of both—with ASIC's Moneysmart Super contribution optimiser tool.



other ways to contribute and grow your super



Combine your super

One small but significant step you can take to grow your super is to combine your super accounts. Combining your super means you’ll stop paying multiple fees and costs across multiple super accounts. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

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Spouse contributions

If you’re not working, are the main caregiver for your family or you’re working part-time, your spouse or partner may be able to make extra contributions for you. 

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Contribution splitting

Could your partner split some of their super contributions into your account? It's a great way to boost your super if you currently don't work, are on a low income or nearing retirement.  

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Downsizer contributions

You may be able to make a downsizer contribution into your super account if you sell your family home from age 60. Scaling back to unlock some extra cash can make sense. But adding six-figure sums to your super after age 60 needs a lot of thought.

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Need some expert help with contributions?

Our super advisers can help work out a contribution strategy that’s right for you. You can see a super adviser at no extra cost: it’s all part of being with HESTA.