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Registered nurse Trish is in her early 30s, but she’s already planning for her retirement and thinking about her super contributions.


Growing up with an accountant for a father, Trish has been aware of the wonders of compound interest since she was a teenager and is keen to make the most of it with her superannuation.

“I'm obviously not an expert in the field, but I’ve always known that super is a big thing,” Trish says.

“I think it’s really important for young people to be aware of it and start thinking about it as soon as they start working, so they can take full advantage of the benefits and retire on their terms.”

When Trish became a nurse in 2013, she joined HESTA as the default fund of her employer. Shortly after, she reached out to HESTA when she was planning to combine her super, and she’s been a loyal member ever since.

“My first real interaction with HESTA was when I decided to consolidate all of my super accounts about 10 years ago,” Trish says.

“They made the process easy to understand and they were really helpful.

“And since then, I’ve appreciated the fact that they keep their fees low for their members. As a nurse, I don’t make as much as most corporate professions, and I like that HESTA recognises this and advocates for people like me.”



With her super balance combined into one account, Trish has been thinking about what her next steps could be.

During coffee breaks at work, Trish and her fellow nurses talk about things like making extra contributions, but she wants advice from an expert before she takes any action.

“I know I can book a super health check and get tips from a HESTA adviser as part of my membership,” Trish says.

“That’s been in the back of my mind for a while, and I’m going to make it a priority this year.

“It will be really useful to know where I’m at and what I can do to protect my financial security, especially if I decide to reduce my hours in the future.”

Even though Trish still has decades of work ahead of her, she’s already looking forward to the next chapter. She’s keen to start boosting her super now to ensure she can face the future with confidence.

“I can’t wait to be sipping piña coladas by the beach!”


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A little advice goes a long way

We’re here to support you to get the most out of your super. As a HESTA member, you have access to dedicated experts to help you with a super health check at no extra cost.