cyber safety at HESTA

At HESTA, we take the protection of our members' personal and financial information very seriously. Super is one of your biggest investments, making it a target for criminals. That’s why we’re working hard to keep your super safe from cybercrime.


what we're doing to keep your super safe


Monitoring transactions

We actively work with our administrators to monitor, investigate and manage suspicious transactions.


Two-factor authentication

You might have noticed that we also offer two-factor authentication on your online account. We encourage you enable this for extra peace of mind. Once you've set this up, you'll receive a verification code to your mobile each time you log in with your password. By using multiple methods to verify your identity, you can better protect your valuable information and accounts against unauthorised access.



Prefer to access your account with the HESTA App? We’ve got extra security for that too. Once you've entered your membership login details, you can set up a PIN or use your face or fingerprint to access the app.


Privacy Policy 

To learn more about how we collect and use your personal information see our HESTA Privacy Policy.


Keeping your super safe

Super funds are a target for criminals, with identity theft one of the biggest risks. Learn how to protect your HESTA account from scams and identity theft.

Keeping your super safe 

Keeping your data safe

With cyber-attacks increasing, it’s important to feel confident about what you can do to protect personal information online. Learn more about protecting your data.

Keeping your data safe 

5 minutes with Doris Tidd

We sit down with HESTA’s General Manager – Information Security Doris Tidd to find out what HESTA is doing to safeguard members’ online information, and what members can do to help protect themselves.

Read 5 minutes with Doris Tidd 



Here for you

The HESTA team is here to help. Reach out to us if you have any questions about your account.