HESTA Income Stream performance

View the latest returns for our various Income Stream investment options. The graph below shows our super performance based on net return for the investment option selected and an initial investment of $1,000.



Investment choices

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† Previously named Balanced. Commenced 12 December 2007 | * Commenced 12 December 2007 | ^ Commenced 1 October 2020 | § Previously named Eco. Commenced 1 July 2012 | ‡ Previously named Active. Commenced 12 December 2007 | + Previously named Cash; Changed to include Term Deposits on 1 Oct 2020. Performance history before 1 October 2020 based on Cash. Commenced 1 July 2008 | Ø Previously named Property; Changed to include Infrastructure on 1 Oct 2020. Performance history before 1 October 2020 based on Property. Commenced 12 December 2007 | ± Commenced 1 October 2020 | # Commenced 1 July 2008

Returns are net of investment fees, Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) and taxes. Rounding has been applied to the graph to the nearest dollar

As of 23rd October 2021, returns are presented daily

Financial year-to-date performance 

Subject to investment market movements, returns for the full financial year may be higher or lower than the returns for the financial year-to-date period.


Historical performance results

In the long term, one of the most significant factors affecting your retirement benefit will be the investment performance after costs, fees and taxes are deducted. When you're looking at a super fund you should check what sort of performance the fund has achieved and whether you have a choice of investment options.

You should also examine the investment objectives of the fund or investment option you will be investing in, both to assess the level of risk involved and to establish whether they have been meeting their goals. However, remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


Unit prices

From 4pm 21 October 2021, unit prices will be calculated at the close of business (COB) every business day* and applied to accounts two business days later on a continuous daily cycle. For example, the unit price calculated at COB on Monday will be applied to investment options (and your account) on Wednesday.

Please note, unit prices calculated Thursday will apply from the immediate Saturday and will continue to apply Sunday and Monday until Friday’s valuation is applied Tuesday.

*Weekends and weekdays that fall on a National public holiday and the Queen’s birthday (VIC/NSW) when the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is closed are non-business days.

Find out more about unit pricing


Initial change to unit pricing

HESTA changed from crediting rates to unit pricing in December 2016.

Investment performance figures for the week 30 November – 6 December 2016 is a combination of a crediting rate and unit prices that applied over that period.

Prior to the week 30 November – 6 December 2016, investment performance figures are the historical crediting rates. There are no unit prices for these prior periods. 



daily unit pricing

We’ve moved to daily unit pricing and daily investment switching, giving you a more up-to-date view of your investment option’s value.