daily unit pricing

HESTA provides daily unit pricing for all investment options. This means investment switching and other transactions can be completed using the applied daily unit price.

about unit pricing


Unit pricing is one of the ways super funds can measure the performance of your investments. Much like shares, the change in unit prices (up or down) reflects the change in value of each investment option.

Benefits of daily unit pricing

Daily unit prices provide our members with more up-to-date valuations of their investments. This enables our members to make more informed decisions about their investment strategy. As always, we recommend speaking to a financial adviser before making any changes to your investment strategy.


How units are applied to your account

Each investment option is invested in different assets, such as Australian shares, government bonds, and property. Each investment option is divided into individual units, which represent an equal portion of the investment option’s value. As the different assets within the investment option change in value, the unit price will change in value.

When you choose an investment option, you’re allocated a number of units. The number of units you’re allocated depends on how much money you invest, relative to the current unit price of that investment option.

An example of unit prices

If your investment strategy was to invest into Balanced Growth, and the current unit price is $1.50 — a contribution of $300 would give you an allocation of 200 units in Balanced Growth. This is what we call ‘buying units’.

When you make a withdrawal from your account, you will need to sell units. Similarly when fees and costs, and other payments, are deducted from your account, HESTA is required to sell units.


How we determine unit prices

Unit prices for each investment option are calculated each business day (excluding public holiday), taking into account:

  • the latest available asset values
  • an estimate of fees
  • estimated tax (where applicable).


Where to find current unit prices

You can see unit prices on our performance page.

You can check the value of your account anytime – just log into your online account.



FAQs on unit pricing


Unit prices will be calculated at the close of business (COB) every business day*and applied to accounts two business days later on a continuous daily cycle. For example, the unit price calculated at COB on Monday will be applied to investment options (and your account) on Wednesday. Please note, unit prices calculated Thursday will apply from the immediate Saturday and will continue to apply Sunday and Monday until Friday’s valuation is applied Tuesday.

* Weekends and weekdays that fall on a National public holiday and the King’s birthday (VIC/NSW) when the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is closed are non-business days. 


You can switch the investment option(s) for your current account balance or future contributions at any time, at no extra cost.

Valid investment switches received by 4pm AEST/AEDT on a business day*, in most cases, will be applied to your account 2 business days after we received your request.

Any valid investment switch request received after 4pm AEST/AEDT or on a non-business day will be treated as being received the next business day.

For further details about daily unit pricing, please refer to Investment Choices (pdf).


*Weekends and weekdays that fall on a National public holiday and the King’s birthday (VIC/NSW) when the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is closed are non-business days.


  • Money-in (includes employer and personal contributions, money you roll in from other funds, insurance benefits etc): will be applied to your account using the unit price effective in the system on the date the money is received into HESTA’s bank account (not when it is processed to your account).
  • Money-out (including rollovers out, withdrawals, and lump sum payments for claims): will use the most recent unit price available in the system on the day we process the payment.
  • Investment switch requests: see section above.


Unit prices will vary because they have different underlying assets and fees. Furthermore, Investment earnings in Income Stream are generally not taxed, whereas Super and Transition to Retirement is taxed. 


From Thursday 21 October 2021 HESTA changed from providing weekly to daily unit prices for each investment option. This also means investment switching moved from weekly to daily.

Previously, HESTA provided weekly unit prices, which meant each investment option had a price applied once per week.

This change took place automatically. There is no action for our existing members or new members to take.




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