Ready-Made Strategy

Our members told us they wanted a simple investment strategy, where their exposure to riskier assets reduces over time. So we created the HESTA Income Stream Ready-Made Strategy.

The Ready-Made Strategy combines the Balanced Growth and Conservative investment options, to create an investment strategy designed to reduce exposure to high risk assets over time.


How it works

The diagram below shows how the strategy works. Your payments are drawn down from the higher risk investment first, meaning that your exposure to risk is reduced over time.


Diagram of how Ready-Made Investment Strategy works


Important things to remember

  • The HESTA Income Stream Ready-Made Strategy doesn’t take into account your personal financial objectives.
  • You cannot choose how your funds are invested in each of the options within the strategy.
  • You cannot choose or change your draw down strategy.
  • You can switch out of the HESTA Income Stream Ready-Made Strategy at any time, but once you switch out, you cannot switch back in.
  • You can only invest in the HESTA Income Stream Ready-Made Strategy when you first open your account. You cannot invest in it if you are an existing member.



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