Sustainable Growth

When you choose HESTA Sustainable Growth, you're encouraging companies to respond to community expectations for safer, cleaner, more sustainable performance.

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Invest your super in what you care about


Zero uranium, fossil fuels and tobacco

Sustainable Growth has investment exclusions in uranium, fossil fuels, tobacco and controversial weapons.



Invests in superior environmental, social and governance performance companies, sustainable properties and sustainable solutions

Only companies that generate environmental benefits through reduced reliance on fossil fuels, energy and resources are included in this option.



When you invest your super in HESTA Sustainable Growth, you're investing in companies selected and managed according to specific environmental, social and governance requirements.


In addition to our portfolio-wide restrictions and exclusions, we have implemented more extensive ones in Sustainable Growth. However, their implementation may be affected by the accessibility and accuracy of data or an error by an external service provider. This may result in inadvertent holdings, typically over the short term, in companies we're seeking to avoid.

Sustainable Growth excludes all investment in any companies that produce whole weapon systems or components developed for exclusive use in nuclear weapons.


Fossil fuel

Sustainable Growth has a more extensive exclusion on companies involved in fossil fuel than the thermal coal restrictions in the broader portfolio.

Sustainable Growth excludes investment in any company that derives any revenue from the mining of thermal coal, or the extraction, production or refining of conventional and unconventional oil and gas; or derives more than 15% of revenue from the generation of electricity from fossil fuels or the transportation, distribution or retail of conventional and unconventional oil and gas; or more than 15% of revenue from the supply of equipment or services for the exploration and production of conventional and unconventional oil and gas activities. 



In addition to the portfolio-wide exclusion on companies that produce and/or manufacture tobacco or tobacco products, Sustainable Growth excludes any investment in companies that derive more than 15% of revenue from the manufacture and supply of key products necessary for the production or manufacture of tobacco or tobacco products or the wholesale or retail of tobacco or tobacco products.



Sustainable Growth excludes investments in companies involved in the mining or processing of uranium.


Sustainable Growth property

Property investments in Sustainable Growth are required to achieve high environmental ratings. These ratings include above average NABERS Energy and NABERS Water ratings and 4 star and above for Green Star As Built (Green Building Council of Australia), when applicable. The higher the environmental ratings, the greater the savings across key areas including energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and construction and demolition waste. The property fund also needs to be highly rated by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).


Sustainable Growth private equity

Currently, Sustainable Growth's private equity investments are in Sustainable Solutions. Sustainable Solutions includes products or services that generate environmental benefits through significant reduced reliance on fossil fuels, reduced use of energy and resources, reduced or eliminated emissions and wastes or other environmental protections principally in the energy, water, waste, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. 


Sustainable Growth Australian shares

Sustainable Growth's Australian shares component aims to deliver solid returns by favoring companies with good ESG performance. Our managers utilise specialist ESG research to determine the exposure of a company to an ESG issue and the policies and systems in place to manage that issue.


Sustainable Growth international shares

Sustainable Growth's international share component is based on the belief that ESG factors directly affect the long-term business viability of companies. The investment process is driven by research focused on integrating ESG issues with fundamental financial analysis in order to identify high quality management teams and businesses. Our managers gain a comprehensive understanding of each company and the ESG factors affecting it.


Sustainable Growth global debt

Sustainable Growth's global debt component evaluates ESG factors from both a top-down (longer-term macro-economic) view and bottom-up (sector and company selection) perspective. Our managers identify the major long-term themes that will impact the global economy and financial markets. They then blend this macroeconomic analysis with detailed analysis of individual issuers. Our managers consider all potential risks and opportunities that could affect particular sectors or issuers, including those that are ESG-related, as part of their credit analysis and capital allocation decision-making processes. 


Sustainable Growth investment strategy

Compare Sustainable Growth with our other investment options and see if it suits your risk profile.