boost now, thank yourself later

Your employer is expected to contribute a minimum of 9.5% of your salary to your super. But, did you know that it doesn't have to stop there? There are many ways you can boost your super, starting now.

How much can you add to your super?

$10, $20 or $50? No matter how much you put in, it could make a difference to how much you'll have in retirement. Use our Contributions Calculator to find out how $20 a week could grow your super.


Two ways you can boost your super


Do it before you're taxed

Those who earn a total income over $54,837*
Main benefit:
pay less tax
Ask your employer to set up salary sacrifice directly from your pay. If your employer doesn't offer it, you can now make contributions directly and claim them as a tax deduction.

Do it after you've been paid

Those who earn a total income under $54,837*

Set up recurring payments into your super via direct debit from your bank account. Log into your online account to get your BPAY details.

For more information on ways you can add to super, contribution caps and much more, read How super works.

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* Total income is a combination of your income, plus your reportable fringe benefits and reportable super contributions, less deductions, for the financial year.

Track down your lost super

Go to the 'Consolidate super' tab in Member Online and search for your lost super.

Find my lost super

Supply your TFN and save

Supplying your Tax File Number (TFN) will help lower the tax you pay on your savings, and who doesn't want that?

Supply your TFN

Splitting super contributions

Splitting super contributions could help boost the balance for you or your partner.

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Want to set up your contributions?

Set up a recurring payment from your bank account — you can find your personal BPAY reference number or bank transfer details in your online account.