Thinking of retiring? Good news: you can stay with HESTA. Our flexible income stream options can pay you a regular income before and during your retirement.

Why choose the HESTA Income Stream?

Your HESTA Income Stream account keeps your super invested with HESTA, and pays you a regular income throughout the year:

  • enjoy access to a wide range of investment options
  • interest on investment earnings is generally tax-free
  • access your account through HESTA Member Online
  • choose a HESTA TTR Income Stream or a HESTA Retirement Income Stream.

There’s no fuss, and no hassle. If you've reached preservation age, a HESTA Income Stream could be your natural next step.

The HESTA Transition to Retirement (TTR) Income Stream option

Transitioning to retirement? You may want to consider transferring part, or all of your super balance to a HESTA TTR Income Stream. You can draw an income from it, and keep making contributions to your super account at the same time:

  • subsidise your income through a regular income stream, using the government’s TTR rules
  • continue to build your super until you retire completely.

Keep in mind:

  • this option is 'non-commutable': that means the money can’t be paid out as a lump sum, except in limited circumstances
  • you have to receive an income from your account which is at least a minimum percentage of the balance each year, based on your age, and no more than 10%
  • you can’t make contributions to your income stream once it’s started.

Once you retire completely, the TTR rules no longer apply to your income stream. You can then either start a second income stream with any additional super, or close your first income stream and open a new retirement income stream with the combined funds. 

The HESTA Retirement Income Stream option

Ready to retire? Enjoy a regular income through a HESTA Retirement Income Stream:

  • leave your super in your HESTA account until you’re ready to transfer to the HESTA Retirement Income Stream option
  • you can withdraw your money as a full or partial lump sum at any time, subject to government regulations.

Keep in mind:

  • you’ll have to withdraw a minimum percentage of the balance each year, based on your age. 

How to apply

Download the HESTA Income Stream Product Disclosure Statement and fill in the forms to apply.

If you have questions, call us on 1300 734 479, Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 8.00pm AET.


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