the next chapter

Your super can work together with the Age Pension to make your retirement better. A Retirement Income Stream can give you a bit more to live on while the rest of it stays working hard for you.

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The benefits


save some for later

Putting your super into a Retirement Income Stream can be a clever way to make your super last longer than it might if you took it out as a whole amount, even if you have a small balance.


more in your pocket

If you're over 60, payments you receive from your Retirement Income Stream are tax free. This means more in your pocket now and more left in your account for later. 
You’ll also receive the HESTA Retirement Reward if you’re eligible.


top up your pension

If you’ll be relying on the Age Pension when you retire, you can use your Retirement Income Stream to supplement your income. You deserve a little bit extra to treat yourself, or maybe spoil the grandkids.



The HESTA Income Stream is a platinum-rated product and a ‘best value for money’ fund. But don't just take our word for it. Click here to view the SuperRatings report.


A smart investment strategy that moves with you

Our members asked for a ready-made investment strategy where risk levels reduce as your life changes.

is an retirement income stream right for me?


Have you reached your preservation age? (That's the age you can access your super.)

Your preservation age varies according to your date of birth. You can figure out yours below.

Date of birth Preservation age
Before 01/07/60 55
01/07/60 - 30/06/61 56
01/07/61 - 30/06/62 57
01/07/62 - 30/06/63 58
01/07/63 - 30/06/64 59
After 30/06/64 60

If you answered YES above, you're one step closer.


Just a few more questions...

Have you permanently stopped working since reaching your preservation age?
Have you ended employment with any employer since turning 60?
Are you over 65?

If you answered YES to one of the above, a Retirement Income Stream could be right for you.

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Not ready to retire yet? Consider a Transition to Retirement Income Stream instead.

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Other information


It's important to understand how a Retirement Income Stream could impact your Centrelink entitlements for you or your partner now or in the future, including the Age Pension.

Contact Centrelink on 132 300 for more information. Or if you prefer, talk to a HESTA Advisor.


The minimum drawdown is the percentage of your income stream account balance that you must withdraw each financial year.


This is the maximum allowable amount Transition to Retirement Income Stream members can withdraw each financial year.

There is no maximum drawdown amount for Retirement Income Stream members, it's your money and you can withdraw as much as you want.



Minimum and maximum drawdown amounts are set by the Federal Government at the beginning of each financial year.


For the 2018/19 financial year, minimum/maximum drawdown amounts are as follows:

Your age Minimum Maximum
Under 65 4% 10% (TTR only)
65-74 5% No maximum
75-79 6% No maximum
80-84 7% No maximum
85-89 9% No maximum
90-94 11% No maximum
95+ 14% No maximum




How to apply

Log in to Member Online and start your application via the income stream tab. This tab will only appear if you have reached your preservation age.