transitioning to retirement

Are you ready to start your retirement planning? A Transition to Retirement strategy gives you options. You can boost your savings before you retire, or maintain your income while winding back on work.

How does it work?

While you’re still in the workforce, you can start to take advantage of a Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategy through HESTA Income Stream to help you prepare for retirement.

You have two options:

1. Boost your super while you’re still working and enjoy tax advantages.

2. Reduce the hours you work and supplement your take-home pay.

Some of the benefits of TTR are:

  • It can reduce your current and future tax bill - that's because investment income in an income stream is tax free, rather than the usual 15% tax on super.
  • You can choose how much you contribute to your super.
  • It can pay you up to 10% of your super balance in a year.
  • It can help fund salary sacrifice super contributions from your current income.

Before you apply for a TTR Income Stream read about the changes effective from 1 July this year.


TTR Restrictions

If you choose to take your super as a TTR Income Stream, you can’t withdraw it as a lump-sum payment until you:

  • permanently retire from the workforce on or after your preservation age
  • end your current employment on or after age 60
  • turn 65, whether you’re working or not.


What happens when you retire permanently?

Once you retire completely, or you meet one of the other conditions of release listed above, your TTR Income Stream converts to a Retirement Income Stream.

The Retirement Income Stream gives you access to more of your super, under more flexible lump-sum payment rules.

If you like, you can combine any extra funds you saved in your super account together with your TTR account to set up another your retirement income stream account.


resetting a TTR strategy

It's important to 'check up' on your TTR strategy now and then to ensure it continues to be as tax efficient as possible and still suits your personal circumstances.

what's next?

Planning your happy ever after

Download the brochure about planning your next chapter, which includes case studies of how other members have used TTR.

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HESTA Income Stream

You can apply via the Income stream tab in Member Online. Please note: the income stream tab will only appear once you've reached preservation age.

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