responsible investment

HESTA recognises that investing responsibly - for people and the planet - is important to an investment’s long-term value.

Looking at an investment's impact on people and planet helps us to more fully understand its risks and opportunities, particularly over the longer term.

Considerations when making decisions include:

Planet People

Climate change

Affordable and clean energy

Biodiversity and conservation

Management of natural resources

Clean water

Reducing pollution and waste

Responsible consumption

Good health and wellbeing

Workplace health and safety

Gender equality

Human rights

Decent work and labour standards

Affordable housing

Sustainable cities and communities



Strong institutions are critical for protecting people and the planet. Therefore when making investment decisions we also consider strong and diverse boards, fair remuneration, business ethics, transparency and fair payment of tax.

Why does responsible investing matter?

HESTA is committed to creating better futures for our members. One of the ways we do this is through being a responsible investor and thinking long term, including thinking of future generations. This approach allows us to positively impact the broader economy, society and environment.

Considering the impacts - both positive and negative – of our investments on the planet and people, is important. This is because they can affect the value of an individual investment, whether it's a company, property, infrastructure asset or another type of investment. And that can affect long-term returns to members.

Responsible investing is particularly important for super funds for two key reasons.

  1. We invest over a very long timeframe. This makes issues such as climate change and the government regulation around it important because they can affect investment value.
  2. We are broadly invested across many markets, so the health and resilience of the global economy as a whole is important. 


active ownership

We believe that good corporate governance is critical to protecting the value of our investments.

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We focus on the risks that impact an investment's returns and the environment.

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HESTA Sustainable Growth

When you choose Sustainable Growth, you're investing your super based on a range of responsible investment criteria

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